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But guys, think about super close platonic relationships


  • Platonic reassuring shoulder/arm/hand grabbing
  • Platonic tight, meaningful hugs
  • Platonic late-night deep conversations that end in at least one person holding back tears or sobbing
  • Platonic sleeping in the same bed
  • Platonic forehead touches
  • Platonic staring into each other’s eyes like the other person is the world
  • Platonic CUDDLES



☞ The Encyclopedia Of Immaturity | a mix of gloriously ridiculous songs 

A playlist for when it’s midnight and you’re hyper and/or drunk and literally EVERYTHING is hilarious. because I needed a break from all the angsty fanmixes I was drowning myself in lol

☝ [listen / download

Introduction: Crayons Can Melt On Us For All I Care by Relient K
Chapter 1: 
#1 Radio $ingle by Psychostick
Chapter 2: The Ballad Of Sharknado by Quint
Chapter 3: Poisoning Pigeons In The Park by Tom Lehrer
Chapter 4: He Is Not Dead Yet from Spamalot
Chapter 5: Sherlock Ringtone from tumblr (as far as I know?)
Chapter 6: PONPONPON [AMAZING COVER] by Kylee & Ryley
Chapter 7: EAT THE MUFFIN! by Dave Friedrich
Chapter 8: We Ran Out Of CD Space by Psychostick
Chapter 9: Dead Puppies from Dr. Demento
Chapter 10: Another Irish Drinking Song by Da Vinci’s Notebook
Chapter 11: Word Crimes by “Weird Al” Yankovic
Chapter 12: Boring Song by Sandra Boyton
Chapter 13: No Hablo Ingles by Bowling for Soup
Chapter 14: Chacarron Macarron by El Chombo
Chapter 15: Happy Song by Liam Lynch
Chapter 16: The Water Buffalo Song by Veggie Tales
Chapter 17: The Hockey Song by Jughead
Chapter 18: The Happy Happy Birthday Song by The Arrogant Worms
Chapter 19: Eye Of The Tiger (Cover) by Green Day
Chapter 20: My United States Of Whatever by Liam Lynch
Chapter 21: Broccoli by Sandra Boyton
Chapter 22: Albuquerque by “Weird Al” Yankovic
Conclusion: Shaving Cream by Benny Bell


Hey all you Homestucks! It’s sure nice to see you again. This gigapause has lasted what, 87 years?

I finally made a compilation of my favorite musical contributions to the fandom over the years to celebrate the final stretch of this amazing webcomic. I hope these tracks bring you plenty of nostalgia and laughter!

May you forever be stuck this way. -Kylee


1. Stuck This Way

2. A Thousand Acts

3. Homestuck (It’s You)

4. Hivebent

5. Just Can’t Wait To Be Prince

6. Stop Being a Sucker!


8. The 12 Trolls of Christmas [Original Version]

9. The 12 Trolls of Christmas [2012 Edition]

10. Hussie’s Lullaby

11. A Homestuck Game (In Good Time)

12. Shout It Out (If You’re a Homestuck)

13. You Can’t Fight the Homestuck


This is my Elphaba cosplay that I wore to Senshi-con. I’m quite happy how it turned out. I did it mildly different the second day, so it stayed on better and smeared less. It was so much fun. I hope to continue cosplaying at future cons.
It was so funny when people didn’t recognize me at first. XD and then the sudden realization on their face when they realized it was me. XD

I was so busy with commissions this year, but I’m happy that I will not have to email anything this time around. :3 I know my limits and little bit more of what to do and what not to do for a convention. I always experience amazing things every year. XD it’s so rewarding.

:3 and oh gosh, I love it when people bring their kids to these things. There were so many cute moments. I have so many stories guys. Feel free to ask.


I’ve noticed there’s a huge difference between young atheists and atheists 40+.

In general, young atheists always try to convince everyone they’re right, and are completely fanatical with how much they hate religion. If you’re religious, you’re a stupid butt, etc. Older atheists keep it entirely…

It seems it’s a bit of a young people vs older people thing. When you’re young, you think you know all the answers and say and do a lot of stupid and bigoted stuff. When you grow, you realize the world doesn’t center around you, and that the best course of action is to listen rather than talk all the time.

I see this behavior in some religious people too sadly. :/ and sometimes it’s reversed when it comes to the ages.




My great-grandpa’s business card. Pretty cool.

This is so cool! And also weird because my great-grandpa was a butcher/furrier.

My great grandpa on the other side of the family was a furrier!

There’s a documentary about my family called “Indian town”. It’s my dad’s side. They grew up on a plantation during emancipation and segregation. The plantation they lived in used to carry slaves, and some of their relatives were slaves themselves…
It was quite interesting. I’ll post it here sometime.

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