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Anonymous asked:

Soooo people hate 50 shades of Grey because is bad written or they really think BDSM is ''rape culture'??




Both. SJWs tend to think it’s “rape culture” where as people that are totally down with BDSM don’t like it because of bad writing/ bad description of what BDSM is. 

-the Polish one

It’s not ‘rape culture’, but it IS incredibly abusive and pretty much all of the BDSM community can’t stand it. 

He does rape her at one point, though, because she uses her ‘safe word’ (A word in the BDSM community that subs or doms use to mean they DO NOT like what is going on and it needs to stop now.) and he just keeps on going. 

~The Trans One

well there are pro bdsm sjw’s, but yeah from what i heard that book romantisices abusive bdsm relationships and rape hence why i’ll never pick up that book to read it. not to mention it’s a bad idea for someone sexually inexperienced to do bdsm like the character ‘ana’ in the story imo. plus i heard that the male protagonist had her sign a controlling and strict contract.

~the aspie one

I’ve done research on this so I can attest to pretty much all of the above. :/


Raz: Man, this thing was old when they chopped it down. Let’s see…

  • 500 Years Ago: Enormous psitanium bearing meteorite strikes the Earth, leaving a giant crater.
  • 200 Years Ago: Native inhabitants begin making arrowheads out of the psitanium, which they call “Whispering Rock.” This is a rough translation.
  • 100 Years Ago: Prospectors and settlers take over the area, naming their boom-town: Shaky Claim.
  • 99 Years Ago: First case of paranormal hysteria diagnosed in Shaky Claim.
  • 75 Years Ago: Houston Thorney builds his “Home for the Demented” to deal with the insanity epidemic.
  • 60 Years Ago: More residents in the asylum than town. Houston Thorney commits suicide by leaping from tower.
  • 55 Years Ago: Asylum closes. Last valley residents paid to leave by the Federal Government, who flood the crater to prevent further habitation. Lake Oblongata is created.
  • 5 Years Later: Whispering Rock Psychic Summer Camp founded to nurture and train future Psychonauts.
  • Last Summer: I got to first base with Elka Doom. Signed: Nils Lutefisk

Welcome to Whispering Rock!





Hey, love is love and you can’t put limits on love. I know this because liberals said so.

MTV is making a show about this. Society is in the septic tank.

I expect flippers to be in their future children…

100% satire. Has to be.

Nope it’s not. Went on their fb…they have a baby. :/
This is where I draw the line cause I see this as not only hurting themselves but hurting other people…cause now they’ve made a baby. Honestly, I feel sorry for the kid.

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