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photos by mike roberts, masa ushioda, peter liu and doug perrine of green sea turtles being cleaned by yellow tangs, goldring surgeonfish and saddle wrasse. by feeding on the algea and parasites which grow on the turtle shells, the fish not only keep them clean, but reduce drag, helping the turtles to swim faster. 

see also: butterflies drinking turtle tears 

He’s all chillin, talkin to his bro’s about his time hangin out with Nemo like, ”first I was like whoa, then I was like whoa, then I was like… whoa…”



Nickelodeon Pulls Five Legend of Korra Episodes From Schedule

While the first episode of the series in 2012 saw an audience of 4.55 million viewers and the second season premiere, which was then the highest, the ratings have not been so favoriable since; the second season premiere only got about 2.60 million viewers, and the third saw 1.5 million. Recently, the fourth and fifth episodes got as low as 1.1 million viewers.

As a response, Nickelodeon has pulled one of the episodes from this Friday, and two more that were scheduled to air between August 1st and August 8th. 

No :(

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